RITA – Your “Reliable Invisible Telephone Assistant”

Customer support operatorThat’s what we call our auto-attendant service. RITA can become your invisible receptionist, and she can be trained to handle your calls in any way that suits you. She can transfer calls anywhere you’d like – to voicemail, to your cell phone, to another office…you name it and she can do it! She’ll also notify you instantly when messages are taken. She can even screen your calls before sending them to you, so you’ll never again have to wonder who’s calling. This service can set up your small business to look and operate like a much larger company. How’s that for a small company!

Meet RITA—the Reliable Invisible Telephone Assistant!

  • Each client has its own private local phone number, including sub-boxes in a menu tree.
  •  24/7 service is provided with timed greetings which will change according to the schedule you provide.
  •  Includes special holiday greetings when requested.
  • You may use a Variable Call Forward or a Call Forward on Busy/No Answer which the phone company will set for automatic forwarding.  No more worrying, “Did I set the forwarding?”  Messages will be taken and forwarded when all your lines are busy, not just after hours.  (No extra charge)
  • Voiceover and scripting provided at no extra charge.
  • Holiday greetings can be set in advance.
  • Message storage—up to 99, for 30 days (or longer is requested).
  • Notification provided by mobile phone, email, text or pager.  Your voicemail can also be programmed to deliver messages to cell phones.
  • Copy of messages sent via .wav files to email as an attachment.  If you have  speakers with your computer, you can open the attachment and listen to messages without tying up a phone line.
  •  Calls coming into your voicemail can be patched out “live” to your cell phone or other number and can include call screening.
  • 24 hour turnaround—and sometimes same-day service.


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