Music On-Hold



What is Music &  Messages on-hold?

Music & Messages-On-Hold ( referred to as MOH) has been called the most direct marketing idea. Ever. When customers call your business and are place on hold, we use this time to inform them of specials, prices, hours, and other services you offer.

It’s the best and the lesat expensive advertising you could ever have.
Trying to reach the audience by radio, TV, or print is risky with slow results. Not to mention expensive, With MOH, you are markeing directly to customers or potential customers who have already called you. Now that’s a captivated audience!


Why would i need messages on-hold?

The number one priority in every business is to educate custmoer about products and services offered. Each time someone contacts your business, you have a golden opportunity to educate, sell and up-sell. Also, you provide courteous, and professional image for existing as well as new customers.


Can I get a fast return on my investment?

Greater than 60% of MOH systems pay for themselves within 90 days after installation. ( inbound/Outbound Magazine 2000)

Is the MOH-8000 player easy to install?

Yes, it’s very easy to install! It takes about 15minutes. Mount the playor on the wall(with the 4 screws provided) next to your telephone system’s ” Box on the wall, ” or enough to plug the power adapter into both the player and the outlet. Then, plug the cartridge into the player. It can only go one way. Then plug the audio cable provided into the player’s audio port and into the telephone system’s music port.

These simple instructions are included with each MOH-8000

Will I have to change my phone system?

No! The MOH-8000 is compatible with most multi-line phone systems which have a port for MOH. We can also provide MOH for the Non-KSU Key Serve Unit phones. Not all of the Non-KSU phones will work, so please call us to verify which type of phone you have. A special adapter is required.

Do you have a customer demostration list?

9601..Real Estate
9605..PGA Golf